Zero Waste Washington is investigating phthalates in products used outdoors in commercial areas of the Duwamish and Tacoma.

The goal of the project is twofold. Firstly, to increase awareness about levels of phthalates in external use products (and also levels in alternative products) so that businesses and agencies can choose products with lower concentrations of phthalates. Secondly, to reduce the amount of phthalates coming through stormwater pathways to waterways, thus reducing the potential for recontamination after sediment sites have been cleaned up in Puget Sound. Source control is critical in order to reduce the potential for recontamination of cleaned up sediment sites.

Reports produced for the project include:

Phthalates Intro Factsheet

Phthalates Project Environmental Data Report

Phthalates Project

Phthalates Product Report

Final Inventory Report

Phthalates Project QAPP



We are grateful to the Rose Foundation and the EPA National Estuary Program for funding this project.