Busted seam? Broken something-or-other?
Bring it to our next Fix-it Fair where our volunteer tinkers, tailors, and general repair geeks
will do their very best to get it back into working order!


Though walk-ins are more than welcome, it’s helpful to know what we’ll be working on.

 RSVP* to tell us what you’re bringing: bit.ly/SeattleFix-itFairs_SignUp


And we’re always looking for fixers and volunteers, so feel free to add yourself to our roster!



Fix-it Fair FAQs

Fix-it Fairs are community gatherings bringing neighbors together to provide free repair services to the public while reducing landfill waste and sharing vital skills. These hands-on events are open to everyone and provide an empowering opportunity for individuals to learn how to repair items – like small appliances and electronics – for themselves and others. The 3-hour events are held at revolving sites around town, with the goal of making them accessible to more people in more communities.

Completing the RSVP form is not a confirmation of appointment. It simply allows the organizers to gauge event traffic and potential repairs needed. Upon arrival at the event, attendees will be asked to register their items and repairs will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We ask that attendees bring no more than 2 items for repair as we cannot guarantee that our fixers will be able to work on them. Our goal is to serve as many community members as possible so we ask that attendees respect the 2-item per person allotment. If there is extra time and no items waiting to be repaired for other attendees, you may submit an additional item.

If you know what needs to be replaced on your garment, appliance, or other item, it’s especially helpful to have it available. We do provide some limited general supplies but cannot offer specific replacement parts. If you don’t know what needs to be replaced, our fixers can help diagnose the issue and make recommendations. 

Depending on what kind of item it is, our fixers often can make recommendations for

  • finding appropriate parts and resources to help complete the repair at a later point, 
  • repurposing or creatively reusing the item, or
  • properly disposing of the item.

At some of our events, we’re able to offer responsible disposal for your item but this is on an event-by-event basis.

We do not work on the following during our events

  • gasoline-powered devices or anything with leaking fluids
  • anything larger than can be easily carried by one person (e.g. – big pieces of furniture, vehicles, larger machinery, etc.)
  • microwaves or cathode ray TVs/monitors

Every item is different, making it quite challenging to guesstimate repair time. However, to serve as many guests as possible, we aim to spend 15-25 minutes on each repair. If the repair needs are beyond the scope of the event, fixers will make recommendations for further steps.

Fix-it Fairs are just as much about fixing items and diverting materials from the landfill as they are about inviting folks to learn about repair and to feel empowered to help their friends, families, and communities. In this spirit, we encourage attendees to sit with their respective fixer during the repair to understand the issue better and possibly even participate in the fix itself!