Why Zero Waste matters

Achieving Zero Waste plays a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It saves natural resources. Less waste means less plastic pollution and fewer toxic chemicals in our environment.

Our approach

We seek to make systematic changes that have lasting impact. This means we work on laws and programmatic changes rather than focusing on individual behavior change.


Zero Waste Washington drives policy change for a healthy and waste-free world.


We envision a just, equitable, and sustainable future where we all produce, consume, and reuse responsibly.


Please click here for staff bios

Heather Trim – Executive Director

Ashley Whitley – Outreach and Policy Coordinator

Xenia Dolovova – Waste Reduction Program Manager

Kami Bruner – Waste Reduction Project Coordinator

Michelle Alten-Kaehler – Development Coordinator

Jennifer DeCastro – Finance & Operations Manager

Bruce Wishart – State Lobbyist


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Todd Carey – Treasurer

Tere Carral

Steve Gilbert

Moji Igun – Vice Chair

Hannah Johnson

Teresa Jones

Kyle Loring – Chair

Patty Liu

Marie Novak

Tristen Pamphlet Gardner

Shirlee Tan

Sally Wolf