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2nd Quarter (May) 2024 Enewsletter

The 2024 legislative session was challenging, with many of the legislators up for re-election in November, big voter initiatives pending (more on those below), and more…. And yet, we had some big zero waste successes. With enormous thanks to our amazing legislative champions, our many terrific and hard-working partners, and your help, several big bills made it across the finish line, as well as some others we supported.

And find out about upcoming tour and speaker series and much more!

Current Happenings

Latest happening

Coming soon:  WM tour, Woodinville


WM, previously known as Waste Management, has upgraded its 20-year-old Woodinville recycling facility and Zero Waste Washington is organizing a tour this summer. Stay tuned for specific date..

WM spent $40 million to completely revamp the facility and put in state of the art equipment such as advanced optical sorters. They will now be able to process up to 650 tons of recyclables per day and increase clean streams of aluminum cans, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and more.  For more info, please contact Michelle at