More Zero Waste Holiday Tips

It’s that time of year again! Time to spend the evenings with your family, drink hot apple cider, and decorate the tree with lights. But did you know that in the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans throw away an extra 6 to 10 million tons more trash? (

So what can you do to cut back on this waste? Here are some ideas!

Christmas Treeschristmas tree made of only lights

  • Unless you already have one, don’t buy an artificial tree. They are frequently made with PVC and lead and are made overseas. They also can’t be recycled.
  • If you’re opting for a real tree, try to get one at your local farmer’s market. And be sure to ask about how it was grown, if another tree was planted to replace it, and whether or not they use pesticides.
  • If a local tree is not an option, you could buy a live tree from a nursery and plant it in your yard after the holiday season is over! Or if you don’t have room to plant the tree, you could choose to get a mini potted tree that will liven up any room throughout the year, and will also help filter the air :)
  • Or you could opt for no tree at all and just string up your lights and decorations to a wooden pallet or directly on your wall!


  • Instead of buying a physical gift for someone, spend some time with them instead! Schedule a movie night, go on a hike, or offer to babysit or housesit.
  • Or you could donate your time and money to an organization that they care about. This is a good one to say if anyone asks you what you want for the holidays!
  • Handmade gifts are always greatly appreciated as well!
  • If you aren’t crafty enough but still want a homemade gift to give, go to your local farmer’s market or check out online homemade/craft marketplaces

brown paper wrapping


  • Wrap gifts in old newspaper or brown paper and twine, all of which can be composted, instead of traditional wrapping paper which is frequently lined in plastic. Make it festive by adding some leaves or twigs from your yard.
  • You can also wrap gifts in a knitted scarf or a festive reusable napkin, so it’s like two gifts in one!
  • If someone else gives you a gift in a gift bag, be sure to save it and reuse it year after year!

Foodcookies in a mason jar

  • Instead of buying food and desserts in plastic containers, opt to make your own treats from supplies bought in bulk containers. Cookies are a simple dessert where most of the ingredients can be bought in bulk!
  • Make a salad using lettuce and produce bought with a reusable bag.
  • Buy eggnog in a glass bottle from the store, then clean out the bottle and return to the store and it will go straight back to the farm!

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