Analyzing Drop-Off Recycling:

Zero Waste Washington investigates one component to help us puzzle together the full picture!

Question: How common is it for people to do multiple errands when they are dropping off their electronics for reuse or recycling?
Answer: Very common!  An estimated 72% of people in the Puget Sound area do more than one task when they are out recycling their electronic waste.

Question: How many errands do people take on when they take a trip to recycle their electronics?
Answer: 2.71 on average!

In 2015, Zero Waste Washington carried out research to determine how common it is for residents of Puget Sound to carry out additional errands when dropping off electronics for reuse or recycling. This gives us quantified data that can be used for performing life-cycle assessments and to support relevant policies. The study has been summarized, including the results, in our report that can be found here.

To perform this study, we surveyed people just after they recycled their electronics at 13 E-Cycle Washington participating locations in the Puget Sound region. We asked the residents questions such as how many miles they were driving for their recycling trip, how many other tasks they were planning and if this was their first time using the specific site.

Why do we want to know the answers to these questions? The short answer is, we want to know the full environmental impact of the solutions we are working for. We want to know that the drop-off recycling programs are as good as we think they are for the environment. We want to know the greenhouse gas emissions put out by driving somewhere for drop-off recycling doesn’t overshadow the climate change and other environmental benefits of recycling a product.

Read more study results here.

And a special thanks goes out to the two fantastic interns, Whitney Rose and Samantha DeMars-Hanson, who tirelessly worked for hours in the rain for many days to collect data for this project!

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