A place in Tacoma to borrow tools, learn skills, and build community

UPDATE: The Tacoma Tool Library is now open! As of March 9th, 2016 there are open hours for becoming a member and borrowing tools! Go to TacomaToolLibrary.com for hours and location.

By Sharayah Kinney, Tacoma Tool Library steering committee member

Have you ever wanted to build or fix something but didn’t have the tools? Have you ever wanted to learn how to use tools? Do you have a skill that you would like to share? Tacoma Tool Library will be a place where local residents can borrow a wide variety of tools from chop saws to extension ladders and electric lawn mowers to help get their project done. The library will also offer workshops to teach residents DIY skills from sewing to woodworking or basic home repair projects. The goal of Tacoma Tool Library is to empower the Tacoma community by providing access to tools and workshops at little to no cost, with the hope of creating a place where people can become a part of a like-minded community.Tacoma Tool Library Group

Zero Waste Washington’s efforts sparked this sharing project. Now, a steering committee of community members has taken the lead to make it a reality. Zero Waste Washington is continuing to provide support and is the fiscal sponsor of the Tacoma Tool Library. While a number of tool libraries exist in Seattle, this will be the first in Tacoma.

Want to get involved? You can become a member, donate tools or volunteer. To become a member just fill out membership paperwork and consider making a yearly suggested donation. Most tools are accepted for donation except gas powered and antique tools. The library is also looking for volunteers who have a skill to teach at a workshop or a skill to share such as fixing tools.

After a little over a year of planning and preparation, Tacoma Tool Library opened its doors on March 9th, 2016. Learn more about the project and stay up to date by following their Facebook page at facebook.com/TacomaToolLibrary or at their website www.tacomatoollibrary.com.

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