Tacoma Event Supplies Sharing Network

What is it?

A group where NonProfits share with other nonprofits the material resources needed to hold events. Members share and borrow re-usable supplies such as glasses, tablecloths, and chafing dishes and big equipment such as folding tables, road barricades, canopies, and PA systems. Instead of buying throw-away, single-use items and instead of paying for expensive rentals, borrow it!

What’s the purpose?

  • Waste less! By using re-usable instead of single-use items! Disposable cups, plates, napkins, flatware, tablecloths, and serving dishes can all be replaced by re-usable versions.
  • Save money! It’s cheaper than buying disposables or renting! The costs of buying disposable versions can really add up over time. Renting can be a great way to have access to high quality items that have larger upfront costs but renting can also be costly. The Sharing Network allows the money to be invested in a community resource.
  • More resources available! Gain access to items that would be otherwise unaffordable! This allows groups with more resources to share with groups with less resources, without sacrificing anything. This also allows for more experimentation with new events. Hosting a new event is less financially risky if you can borrow most of the supplies and keep costs lower.
  • Low risk! Only loan the items you want to share! No membership fee! You get to approve of any lending before the share takes place.

How will it work?

Tacoma area nonprofit groups will be invited to join the Event Supplies Sharing Network. The members of this online Network will decide what things they would like to share and under what terms they are willing to share the items. An online calendar or availability chart will show if the items are available when you need them. Simply make a request of the group that owns the item you want to borrow and set up arrangements for pick up and return.

The borrowers agree to the terms set by the lender, such as replacement agreements and borrowing times. Agreements will be pre-determined for each item being shared so that expectations are clear in case the item is damaged, lost, or returned late (replace, pay a pre-set amount).

How to get started:

Find detailed instructions on how to use the Network here!

  1. Your group must be invited to join the network. If you haven’t been invited but wish to join, contact us and we can make some suggestions for how to be invited.
  2. Set up your account online at neighborgoods.net.
  3. Write up a list of relevant items your group is willing to share. Take a picture of the item and upload the photo along with a short description.
  4. In preparation for your next event, search for items that you would like to borrow. Follow the simple instructions for borrowing the items you need.
  5. Add things your group would like to have to the wishlist. Consider making joint purchases with other groups.

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