Recently, the Zero Waste Washington Board of Directors has been thinking of Suellen as a unicorn. A rare, magical, bright being that has created Zero Waste Washington into a small-but-mighty non-profit with a profoundly large reach. With grace, passion and sincere devotion, Suellen has worked tirelessly for the past 12 years to get more done for a small organization than most typical humans could do.  But Suellen isn’t a figment, she’s a real, incredible woman and I am so fortunate to have collaborated with her for the past six years. 

I am often inspired by Suellen’s commitment to her beliefs and her determined pursuit of creating a more healthy and just world. Leading such a small organization to catalyze big change:

  • Spearheading statewide legislation to remove millions of pounds of electronics from the waste stream;
  • Being a sought-after resource on national producer responsibility efforts;
  • Voicing the people’s concerns in Olympia on high-impact waste reduction initiatives;
  • Laying groundwork for modeling zero waste at the community level.

Suellen truly is a determined visionary with unmatched dedication.

I have seen others light up when they hear Suellen’s ideas and her perseverance is pure.  The entire board joins me in honoring Suellen and all she has done for the organization, the state, and beyond. We are also excited about finding the next unicorn out there, someone who will build from the strong foundation laid by Suellen.  For now, I know I will continue to learn from Suellen and hopefully soak up a bit of her great intentions and holistic mindset as we continue working together to grow the organization’s capacity and reach.

It won’t be the last time that I say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Suellen for everything you’ve done for Zero Waste Washington and all you have taught me along the way. I look forward to seeing where your strength and devotion take you next.

Nanda Guajardo
Board Chair 2014-present

Last Updated (Friday, 29 April 2016 17:10)