Sharing Our Way Toward Zero Waste

Zero Waste Washington is excited to announce our new project to model shared ownership and waste prevention:  the Community-Powered Sharing Project. This is a community organizing project with the tangible result of a neighborhood sharing system. We don't know what products will be shared because that really needs to be determined by the neighborhood doing the sharing, and figuring that out will be part of the project. It might be tools, toys, durable party supplies, outdoor sports gear, or something we can't even imagine yet!

In our nation, we create vast amounts of waste and yet many people do not have all their sharingneeds met. We are heavily encouraged to be individualistic consumers when what we really crave in life are community connections, quality relationships, and a sense of belonging. The more individualistic we are as a society, the more we consume and waste. Yet it has been shown that the more we consume, beyond meeting a base level of our needs and wants, the less happy we are. We need a shift so that sharing and interdependence are the norm! We need alternative ways of relating to “things” and to our neighbors, but we lack vision and examples.

There are many products that people need or want to use only on an occasional basis. Most often, when these material needs and wants are met, it is done through individual households buying and owning the product. Shared ownership is an alternative model that allows for less consumption and waste, more availability of resources to low-income communities, and a shift from people identifying primarily as consumers to becoming interconnected sharers.

Some of the inspiration for this focus comes from the results of Zero Waste's strategic program planning process that happened throughout 2012. Through this process, we developed three strategic directions for where we want to prioritize our efforts over the next several years:

  • Inspiring community engagement projects,
  • Making change through policy and legislation, and
  • Integrating prevention into our work.

We're excited to tell you more about our strategic plan so be on the lookout in a future e-newsletter, on our website, and through our Facebook and Twitter posts.

If you want more inspiration for how to create a sharing society, check out the Center for a New American Dream's video and the resource links at the end.

And if you want to hear more about our Community-Powered Sharing Project or volunteer to support it, contact Eva Dale at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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