Zero Waste Washington newsletters provide updates on our campaigns, producer responsibility, and recycling.

Nov 2017 Newsletter: China Sword, Plastics Summit Recap, Plasticizers, and more.

Aug 2017 Newsletter: Solar Recycling, Plastics Summit, Strawless September, Reuse Contest, and more.

May 2017 Newsletter: Survey Results, Phthalates Plasticizer Project kickoff, Plastics Summit, and more.

Feb 2017 Newsletter: Legislative update, Zero Waste survey, and Tacoma Tool Library's first year.

Nov 2016 Newsletter: On Medicine take back in Washington counties, piloting sharing networks, and optimizing commingled curbside recycling.

Newsletters between 2010 and 2016: we are in the process of making these newsletters available online as PDFs. Please check back later to view these newsletters.

Fall 2009 Newsletter:  On E-Cycle Washington and how to recycle computers & TVs, pharmaceutical waste reduction, and recycling fluorescent lights.

Fall 2007 Newsletter
:  On the medicine return pilot program, climate change, producer responsibility, and inspiration from British Columbia.

Fall 2004 Newsletter:  On Take It Back Networks, electronics, why WCRC is talking about producer responsibility, and phasing out toxic flame retardants.

Fall 2003 Newsletter:  On prison labor and computer recycling, disposable DVDs, brominated flame retardants, and electronics legislation.

Spring 2003 Newsletter:  On the Computer TakeBack Campaign, the "Electronic Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship," and Washington’s “Beyond Waste” plan.

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