Where to Recycle

E-Cycle Washington is the new electronics recycling program provided and paid for by electronics manufacturers.  There’s no charge to residents dropping off TVs, monitors, computers, or laptops.  There are over 200 drop-off locations around the state.  To find the drop-off location closest to you, call 1-800-RECYCLE or go to ecyclewashington.org.  

Schools, small businesses and small governments with larger quantities can also use the E-Cycle program, but must call 1-866-779-6632 to make arrangements.  

If the computer or TV that is dropped off still works, it may be reused through resale or donation.  Some collectors may also repair computers with new parts or parts from other old computers.

What to do with electronics not covered by E-Cycle Washington
E-Cycle Washington does not cover printers, peripherals, accessories, or other electronic devices.  For recycling options for this other equipment, you can bring them to a Take It Back Network or e-Steward.  Take It Back Network members and e-Stewards are committed to sending electronics to responsible recyclers and typically charge a fee to cover their costs.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 13 July 2010 14:40)