2018 Legislative Session - Tips for sending emails to legislators

Thank you so much for sending emails to legislators showing your support for zero waste bills. If you don't have time to support them all, please pick the issues that are most important to you!

How to contact your legislators

Please call or email your Representative and Senators today (or this week!). They have a special hotline where you leave a message!

The legislators are most responsive to their own constituents and so calls to your two representatives and your senator is most effective.

Telephone hotline: Callers to the Hotline (1-800-562-6000; TTY for Hearing Impaired 1-800-635-9993) can leave a brief message for their district legislators on issues of concern or on questions you have about bills or laws. These messages are forwarded electronically to the appropriate individuals. When leaving a message with the Hotline, please be prepared to give your name and street address. The Hotline is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.



Sample email and telephone messages

Here are sample email or telephone messages you can leave for each bill. For a phone message, just pick a couple of reasons (no need to leave a long message!)


ESHB 1047 - the Secure Drug Take-back Act bill

I'm one of your constituents and I'm [calling /writing] to ask you to support SHB 1047 because we need more secure medicine drop boxes for leftover medicines. Also:

  • We have to do more to stop drug abuse and addiction. Medicine take-back is part of the solution.
    • Medicine take-back gets drugs safely out of our homes to help prevent abuse, poisonings, and overdoses.
    • It’s not safe to flush drugs or throw them in the trash, I want secure drop boxes at pharmacies across the state.
    • This bill is a sensible investment in public safety and the pharmaceutical industry needs to be part of the solution.

    Thank you!


        PFAS in food packaging (SHB 2658/SSB 6396 - Concerning the use of perfluorinated chemicals in food packaging)

          I'm one of your constituents and I'm [calling /writing] to ask you to support SHB 2658/SSB 6396 because we don't need toxic chemicals in our food packaging. Also:

          • PFAS chemicals are persistent in the environment. If we continue to use them, they will continue to build up in soil, water, sediment, and animals.
          • PFAS chemicals do not stay in the products. They migrate into food and into compost.
          • Studies of newer PFAS chemicals show health effects similar to those of the older, partially phased-out compounds.

          Thank you!


            E-waste recycling (ESHB 1824 - Concerning electronic product recycling)

              I'm one of your constituents and I'm [calling /writing] to ask you to support SHB 1824 because a strong ewaste recycling program in Washington will ensure that toxic chemicals are not impacting human and wildlife health, here or in other countries. Also,

              • We need stronger penalties when companies do not safely recycle ewaste
              • I would like an assessment of how this successful program can be made even better

              Thank you!


              Recycling. (2SHB 2914 - Concerning Washington's economic development potential as a world leader in the responsible management of postconsumer materials)

              I'm one of your constituents and I'm [calling /writing] to ask you to support SHB 2914 because I am concerned that our recycling programs need to be improved. Also,

              • With China's new waste import restrictions, we need to act more proactively in Washington to cleanup and manage our recyclables.
              • The public is confused about what goes in which bin. We need improved programs that help people recycle more smoothly.
              • More local programs for processing and re-manufacturing of recyclables in Washington makes sense and will create jobs.
              • Our recyclables are a resource. We should be processing them into new products domestically.

              Thank you


                These bills died at the February 6 cutoff and so messages are needed at this time:

                • Right to Repair (SHB 2279 - Concerning the fair servicing and repair of digital electronic products)
                • Food waste (SHB 2411 - Reducing wasted food in order to fight hunger and reduce environmental impacts)
                • Paint (SHB 1376 - Concerning paint stewardship)






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