Producer Responsibility for Fluorescents

cflsBig victory! Washington State has passed a landmark law to recycle fluorescent lights. This law will create a convenient statewide recycling program for fluorescent bulbs and tubes for residents throughout Washington. The program will be financed by the producers of mercury-containing lights and will start January 2013.

Washington is the second state in the nation to pass this type of law! Kudos and thanks to State Senator Craig Pridemore (D-Vancouver) and State Representative Sam Hunt (D-Olympia), who were the prime sponsors of the bill.

More about the law:

  • Recycling for fluorescent lights must be provided for residents. Other entities (such as very small businesses) delivering fifteen or fewer lights per 90-day period may also use the program.
  • Residents will not be charged a fee when lights are dropped off for recycling at participating collection sites.
  • Collection options must be provided in each county and, at a minimum, in every city of more than 10,000 people. Collection options may include drop-off sites, curbside collection, or mail-back.
  • The recycling program is financed by lighting producers.
  • The recycling program is budget-neutral to the State and doesn’t burden local governments with unfunded mandates.
  • Mercury-containing lights must be recycled by all residents and by all government, industrial, and commercial facilities. Disposal of mercury-containing lights in the garbage or landfills is prohibited.
  • The bulk sale of mercury via the internet and private parties is banned to stop dangerous practices.

Read the full text of the new law and about the bill’s legislative history.

Listen to Zero Waste Washington’s Program Director talk about the bill on KPLU.

Governor Gregoire signs WA’s landmark law to recycle fluorescent lights on March 19, 2010

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